Starting a Home Based Business – Ideas and Opportunities Galore

At the risk of stunning flower-hearted individuals, I am going to explore-and perhaps also explode-the oft-repeated myth that affiliate marketing is the most profitable home based business opportunity around. Statistics, however, force us to conclude that 99% of online affiliate marketers become frustrated after a few months, some of them waving the white flag rather prematurely, yet evidently due to a total failure of their home based business ideas. Bottom line, very few succeed, while most of them vanish without a whimper. This is the harsh reality.

But why is this pattern repeating itself endlessly? There is one reason and one reason only. Most programs are free to join. And if it’s free for you, it’s free for your neighbor, and for his neighbor. And so forth. Needless to say, thousands of people online can join any home based business program in a jiffy, meaning which thousands compete with each other, day in and day out. Only those with an enviable advertising budget can survive this competition, which is why most affiliate marketers attain the “PoW status” even before the war begins!

Add to that the low profits you earn by selling digital products. Let’s say you sign up as an affiliate to sell e-books on the Best Home Based Business Ideas, which gives you an opportunity to earn $10 per sale. You’ll have to sell this item at least a thousand times to see some serious money in your bank account. Wouldn’t this thought itself kill all your motivation? But this is a fact you must get used to, because your returns are based on your investment.

Your investment in the affiliate program is zero as you signed up for free, thereby contributing to a cutthroat competition in the industry. And by selling a low-priced item, which every other merchant is selling, you’re practically begging a potential customer to leave your site! Is it any wonder your returns are going to be zero, when your investment itself is zero, and the home based business opportunities in which you invest are, well, shall we say a bigger zero?

It is, therefore, imperative that we consider the investment first and foremost, doing which excellent returns are virtually guaranteed. There are many people who make a lot of money, without having to break their heads over traffic, competition, and the rest. What then are the ideas centering on such profitable home based businesses? Such programs aren’t free to join, like most affiliate programs, and they do require a one-time investment. Naturally, this system kills competition instantly, making it ridiculously easy for one to succeed, marketing or no marketing, traffic or no traffic.

What’s more, these people don’t have to make a thousand sales to earn $10000, just a dozen or so will suffice. Evidently, it takes a heavy burden off their shoulders, in that they not only get to make huge amounts without much advertising or sales, they also avoid competition right from the start. Success, as you can notice, is guaranteed if such perfected home based business ideas top our priority list.

And why is this so? It’s because such systems are based on the immortal law governing all home based business opportunities, not just a few. No investment, no returns, that’s the law prevailing over every business on the planet. Invest zero as you do in most affiliate programs, and you earn zero on account of competition, skyrocketing advertising budget, low profit potential, and a million other factors. On the other hand, if you invest a reasonable amount, you get to earn a reasonable amount, period.

Put simply, do you want to make countless sales to earn $10000, or just ten sales to realize the same amount? That’s up to the serious seeker to decide, if at all he wants to opt for a legitimate home based business opportunity to earn decent incomes.